Fat Baby...

So we did this show last week and it was actually a whole lot of fun. We had some trouble with line up changes for the night but in the end it pretty much worked out. All of the bands listed on the below flyer canceled the day before the show.


We were lucky enough to have a touring band from Savannah, GA called Culture Vulture open. Not really a band that we would have initially chosen to play with based on the pretty large difference in musical styles but I was very happily impressed. Please check them out if they come your way.


Then to close out the night, our guitarist, Sam Backer's other band, Ghost To Go was able to play without practicing for three months or so. They sure are some pumped up youngsters with plenty of energy to spare. Super fun night! Extreme thanks to every single person who made it out! It was really great to see you all! And to the venue... we will gladly never play there again. Thanks.